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Adas Torah is a Shul centered on Tefilla, Limud Torah and Chesed. We have two minyanim on Shabbos and daily minyanim for all tefilos, and an array of shiurim and learning opportunities for men and women. Although our members are a diverse group, we are united as one shul and one community because we are all focused on the same three common goals: Primacy of Torah, inspirational and serious davening, and a strong sense of community. We welcome you to visit our kehila in the heart of the Pico Robertson community.




Nitzachon: Adas Torah
Journal of Torah Ideas


The shul is excited to present the tenth volume of its semi-annually published journal of Torah essays written about the Moadim, Parshios, and general interest topics by members of Adas Torah. Volume 6:1 includes thoughtful essays on Tishrei, Chanuka and general interest topics affecting our daily lives and Talmud Torah. The articles cover many aspects including Halacha, Machshava, Hashkafa, philosophy, history, and Chasidus. For dedication opportunities or to submit articles for the next volume of Nitzachon, please speak to Rabbi Revah, Michael Kleinman, or Yaakov Siegel.

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Adas Torah Building Campaign 

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Adas Torah 2018 Dinner

View the 2018 Dinner Journal Presentation Here




Thursday Night Mishmar

The program will be held weekly in the Beis Medrash. We will have a learning seder from 8:30 to 10:00 PM and Rabbi Revah will give a Parsha Shiur for those who are interested at 8:45 pm. Maariv will follow at 10:00 PM.


Yoreh Deah Chabura

Our Yoreh Deah Chabura meets every Sunday morning from 8:00 - 9:00 am. We are presently learning Hilchos Bassar V’cholov. To hear the shiurim from Rabbi Revah please click here



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